We can reconstruct or repair your furniture to restore it to its former or original condition. Quality reupholstering down to the frame and back up.


Touch ups



We offer anything from minor repairs to major rebuilding, Part replication, custom turning, veneer repair.


We make forgotten furniture unforgettable. If you a looking for a quality restorer, you have come to the right shop. let us turn that piece back into what it use to be. Something you can admire and use

From minor repair, glue, touch up, refinish, wood repair, full reconstruction, part replication, complete reupholstering, hand tufting, channels, period correct restorations



Butler's Restoration

​& Upholstery

Shop Tel: (913) 856-8245   Cell (913)262-6332  Hours:  Call First :      Monday-Saturday 7:00am to 3:30pm

We’re a top quality furniture repair shop that ensures all your restoration needs and requirements are fulfilled. With years of experience in furniture repairs, refinishing, and upholstering, we take pride in our workmanship and period correct restorations.  Family owned and operated since 1969.



Complete Restorations of your family treasures

You’ve made an important and wise decision to invest your money in something that will actually hold value and will be useable when restored. If the piece is sentimental that is an added bonus to you, unlike  the throw away new furniture of today. 

​From clean, touch up and refurbish existing finishes, to complete refinish if needed, we can make your piece period correct to custom.



Full Restoration

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